Tucson MLS Statistics November 2010

Well this month we are close to, or better than last month, but at least we are holding steady. Still a lot of Short Sales and Foreclosures which are dictating our pricing. Interest rates have gone back up by about .5% to about 5% and I expect to see it go even higher.

Average Sales Price
$189,231 $192,072 $186,562 $181,612 $177,133 $180,736
Median Sales Price
$149,450 $150,000 $150,750 $145,855 $140,000 $139,900
Total Units Sold*
1170 792 882 873 752 800
Active Listings
6852 6668 7170 7217 7412 7455
Days On Market
81 87 91 93 97 96
Listings Under Contract**
1154 990 1378 1515 1899 1900

The figures on this table are subject to change due to late reportings and corrections. These changes are reflected in the next months statisical blog post after we receive the updated information. For this reason you will find inconsistencies if you compare the data on multiple tables.

* Closed during the month.
** For the current month (not the total listing under contract)

We will soon have a better balance in the House and Senate which I am praying will start healing our Economy. The public got shorted when this was not the highest priority back in 2009. The extension of the Bush Tax cuts for two years will help but it still does not let the job makers know where they will be at the end of the two years. We have got to pull in the reins on spending if we are ever going to get out of this debt we are establishing.

Here is a concept, why don’t we work for the public and not your re-election or party. Come to agreement on what’s good for the people who got you there. Stop the Pork add on, and let your request stand by it self, or how about letting the States decide what they want.

Well anyway I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year than this last one.

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