What Kinds of Renters Do Property Management Companies Look For?

iStock_000009042733XSmallJust as a qualified property manager is important to handle your rental property in Tucson, a good tenant is a valuable asset to your investment as well. The right tenant will not only provide the continual income you desire, but care for your property to minimize the cost of wear and tear over time. Your rental property manager will take several factors into consideration during the tenant selection process, including any personal preferences you may have.

Adequate Income

You want a renter who will pay their rent in full and on time. As part of the application process, property managers typically evaluate a potential tenant’s employment status and monthly income to ensure they are capable of paying the amount specified in the rental contract. If tenants do not meet your specified income criteria, your property manager can request a co-signer, who will provide rent payments if your tenant defaults.

Credit Score

Property management companies will often evaluate a renter on the basis of their credit score. Learning a tenant’s credit score can tell your property manager how much risk is associated with signing a contract with the individual. While a lower credit score may not preclude a rental agreement, your property manager may ask for your tenant’s security deposit in cash or increase the initial security deposit to protect your financial interests.

Clean Background Check

Your property management company will also run a criminal background check on any potential tenant. This check will ensure your tenant is exactly who they claim to be and will not pose a threat to your property or those living nearby, helping you to protect your investment and your reputation as a landlord.

Are you ready to rent your property in Tucson? You can reach an experienced property manager by calling Ability Realty today at (520) 296-7143 to discuss the process and benefits of property rental. We also invite you to take a look through our website to learn more about our property managers and our current listings.

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