Tucson MLS Statistics August 2009

I am really late getting this up, so I will be short on my comments. September numbers will be out in a week or less. Numbers of Sold are down. So much of the inventory is Short Sales and REOs that it is really hard to know what is happening month to month. I have been experiencing buyers who have contracts on two (OR MORE!!!) Short Sale properties just waiting to see what will happen and then choosing one. This is wrong!!!! We have developed an addendum to handle our listings to hopefully stop this. We have just concluded the third buyer leaving on a property as they purchased another but kept the contract open until we told the selling agent we had an approval to sell the property. Where is the fair dealing in this? Someone is going to get sued or the agent brought before our Realtor Organization for ethics violations. Beware!!!!!!













Average Sales Price
$203,464 $192,315 $202,747 $208,952 $210,767 $199,626
Median Sales Price
$165,000 $163,900 $169,900 $165,000 $167,830 $162,595
Total Units Sold*
923 931 1024 1139 1184 980
Active Listings
7415 6890 6506 6261 6075 6062
Days On Market
85 78 85 80 80 71
Listings Under Contract**
1208 1345 1302 1432 1227 1272

The figures on this table are subject to change due to late reportings and corrections. These changes are reflected in the next months statisical blog post after we receive the updated information. For this reason you will find inconsistencies if you compare the data on multiple tables.

* Closed during the month.
** For the current month (not the total listing under contract)

I am really sure we will see some sort of extension of the Credit program. This program makes a lot more sense than the Cash for Clunkers as it causes so many more things to happen because of the sale. New appliances, paint, landscaping, and I could go on and on, but I know you see the value also. I think there are four or more Bills in Congress right now. It will happen.

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