The ongoing recession… why?

Now that Christmas is over we are coming to the end of a very slow year. We have so many people out of work and unable to find a job. The unemployment number does not take into account all the people that have run out of unemployment benefits and are just waiting. The number is very large, which probably is pushing over 10% unemployed in this country. In a recent article in the Arizona Daily Star, they said “Around 25 percent of Arizona’s unemployed receive benefit payments”, which tells me the actual unemployment numbers are four times larger in Arizona, and probably many other states as well.

Why is this? We are 4 years into what I still call a recession. Why is this? The Administration, along with a Democratic Congress from 2008-2010 passed Obamacare and ran us into the money pit they called stimulus. They tried to spend their way out of the recession and it has not worked. We are so far in debt that it will take a Monetary miracle for us to get out of this hole, if we ever do.

We should have been out of this hole between the 2nd and 3rd year. This should have been done by the Government staying out of the business owners way. Taxes or incentives should have been used to help the owners hire employees. Obamacare should have been done differently, so it did not stop business owners from investing in their future. But it was passed by a Democratic controlled Congress. Obamacare has placed so much burden on business and private individuals that it has almost stopped our growth. Anyone who thinks where we are right now is good, should have their head examined. We are experiencing anemic growth at the Max. Have you looked at what the deductibles are on these policies… you better!!! On who’s back is the financial burden of Obamacare weighing the heaviest… the middle income families who were barely scraping by, and now they have medical insurance policies with higher costs and lower benefits.

I know this can be fixed, but it will cost us in dollars and time because of the mistakes that were made. The sad thing is, the idiots still believe they are right. This was one great experiment that is doomed for failure, and it will continue to pull us down into the money pit.

The fight between the President and the House will continue unless the President sits down with the leadership of the House and come to a REAL compromise to get OUR country back on track.

The Lies have got to stop because we do see through them, and their day is coming. Where was our President and Secretary of State when we had a chance to save our Ambassador, and those other three brave men in Libya. The Lies stayed for about 10 days before the, probably real truth came out. This same Secretary of State wants to be our next President. How will she handle the Red Phone ringing now?

More later

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